Resultco fourth quarter sales smash expectations


Fashion watch manufacturer Resultco exceeded its fourth quarter expectations in 2015, citing its early success in the UK as a key factor.

The company caters to the growing number of online shoppers using retail sites, and launched into the UK for the first time last year. Its brands include: Bertha, Earth, Breed, Reign and Heritor.

Jeff Freedman, president of Resultco, said: “After entering the UK market place in 2015, we would have never expected the success we’ve seen this fourth quarter. Resultco’s unique business model is essential to that success.”


As explained during an exclusive interview with WatchPro last year, Resultco’s business model offers retailers a new profit stream involving zero investment. Online retailers provide the channel for customers to buy the product, with Resultco providing the rest. As well as product, this includes services including design, photography and technology support.

Resultco’s vice president of sales, Bryan Binno, said: “Our current retailers were surprised by the success of our internet marketing. It has enhanced new opportunities for profit, and with our business model makes the sales experience much easier and more profitable for online retailers.”

Freedman concluded: “We were happy to take our brands into the UK market and we will continue to advertise and promote our watch brands overseas.”

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