Friday, September 17, 2021
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CORDER’S COLUMN: Is this five year Rolex boom a bubble?

Could profit taking and panic cause prices to crash? Not a chance, argues WATCHPRO editor Rob Corder.

Does Emma Raducanu’s face fit for Rolex?

British tennis sensation Emma Radacanu could become the country’s highest paid sports star if she continues a streak that has seen her reach this weekend’s final of the US Open, winning over American crowds in the process.

2004 Rolex Kermit Submariner sells for $35,000 at auction

Flat 4 version of the watch is sufficiently rare to command the same recommended retail price as a brand new Patek Philippe 5711 with olive green dial.

Rolex and other high-end brands see luxury watch resale market reach...

In partnership with Vogue Business, eBay has released an all-new Luxury Trend Report showcasing a snapshot of luxury trends in the states.

INSIGHT: Five investment watches for under $7k

It’s mostly true that the more you can invest in a watch, the more you are likely to yield but there are some affordable models which have the potential to significantly appreciate in value over time.

IN DEPTH: How much watchmakers pay to keep Formula 1 on...

Over the past five years, the Swiss watchmaking industry is estimated to have spent over half a trillion dollars supporting Formula 1; probably the most lucrative partnership in sport. Its intoxicating mix of drama, precision engineering, split second timing, passion and a massive global television audiences make it an irresistible promotional platform, as Caroline Reid discovers.

Your ultimate guide to buying, selling and collecting the Rolex Oyster...

You simply cannot lose money of you are able to buy a Rolex Oyster Perpetual at an authorized dealer's retail price. 

Millennians and Gen Zers move into fractional Rolex ownership investments

Millennials around the world are swimming in cash after two summers starved of summer holidays, analysts report, and they are looking for new opportunities to invest.

Tourneau opens world’s first side-by-side Rolex and Tudor boutiques in Manhattan’s...

Together, they occupy retail space of 4,000 square feet. They have their own entrances, but are connected within the showroom.

NFT-powered luxury goods marketplace gives new opportunities to watch collectors

The concept will see customers send 4K a physical item, such as a Rolex watch, to be authenticated and stored in an ultra-secure storage facility.