Jared produces its first video adverts in Spanish


Jared’s network of jewelers, which sell watch brands ranging from Olivia Burton to Omega, launched its first Spanish language advertising campaign last week, with a Valentine’s Day promotion for its engagement rings.

Signet executive vice president and chief marketing officer Bill Brace told diamond business news site Rapaport News that the company wants to appeal to the Hispanic population, which he says makes up around 18% of the US population, and about 23% to 24% of millennials.

“They are a big customer group, and getting a lot bigger given the disproportionately high portion of the millennial population that Hispanics constitute,” he says in an interview with Rapaport News. “That in turn translates into a higher incidence of engagements and marriages.”


“We are really trying to be more true in speaking to people when and where they are receptive, in a manner that really resonates with them,” Mr Brace adds.


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