WOTY 2014: Skagen Ditte

Highly Commended. Women’s Watches of the Year 2014.

It may not sound terribly complimentary but we’ve christened this Skagen ladies watch as the dinner plate dial because of its series of four ridges at the edge of its recessed silvery-white matte dial that are intended to represent the wind-carved sands of The Scaw peninsula in Denmark.

The Ditte from the Fossil-owned Skagen brand is as crisp and clean as Danish design gets. Aside from the relief features already mentioned there is nothing on the dial except two ruler straight hands and the brand name.

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The 36.5mm Ditte is also available in a dressier back and rose gold version but we prefer the smart casual look of this model, mounted on a soft, brown leather strap, which is perfect for everyday wear.



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