Reservoir reinvents the dive watch with a model using jumping hours and retrograde minutes

Fledgling French watchmaker Reservoir has added a diver’s style watch to its portfolio.

All Reservoir watches are designed to look like dials from other industries, ranging from car speedometers to submarine’s pressure gauges.

The Hydrosphere collection takes inspiration from scuba divers’ pressure gauges, a key instrument for underwater survival.

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Hydrosphere watches are water resistant to 250m and have a one-way valve that releases helium from the watch during deep dives.

All Reservoir watches share the same design architecture with a jumping hour at 6 o’clock on the dial and a retrograde minute hand that sweeps across the top of the dial in an hour before snapping back to zero.

This makes marking the time of a dive using a uni-directional bezel more complicated, but still possible according to Reservoir.

It comes in blue, black or white versions priced at €4250.

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