Put your questions to the Bremont founders


By Kathryn Lewis

WatchPro readers now have the opportunity to put questions to Nick and Giles English, founders of the luxury British watch brand Bremont as part of their guest editorship of WatchPro’s January issue.

To put a question to the English brothers you can comment below this story, Tweet us at @watchpro or email WatchPro editor-in-chief rachael.taylor@itp.com


Answers will be published in the January issue of WatchPro, which will be guest edited by the Bremont founders.

The English brothers have set the agenda for the January issue – which will focus on a wide range of issues including the history of British watchmaking, the benefits of investing in extra straps, whether the watch industry’s obsession with designing watches for Asia is leaving Europe with less choice, and how watch sales in the UK are spread geographically in terms of spend and style choice.

“As guest editors here the idea is to discuss some of these topics and bring to the publication some of the feedback we get when we travel the world with retailers and suppliers,” the English brothers said.





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