Zenith taps into ‘evolving consumer behaviours’ at VIVA Technology with LVMH


Zenith is in attendance at this year’s VIVA Technology 2019 as part of the LVMH stand, its parent company.

Held in Paris between May 16 and 18, Zenith confirmed it will showcase its DEFY Inventor with new augmented reality technology to gain a deeper insight into what the customer is looking for.

The DEFY Inventor and its oscillator will appear on a special stand topped by a Hypervsn holographic display system, with the aim to offer attendees an immersive visual experience of the micro-mechanical innovation.


Visitors will then be able to see the watch’s unique attributes in virtual wrist-worn mode.

By using a wristband and a smartphone, visitors can now actually on the DEFY Inventor.

The augmented reality experience and strapping on the dedicated wristband, the DEFY Inventor will appear on the wearer’s wrist in realistic detail, with the ability to move around and enjoy the watch from any first-person angle while capturing photos of the experience.

At the end of the trial, the user has the option of saving the images of the virtual watch and sharing them directly on social media.

Zenith says embracing new technologies like this will help it understand ‘evolving consumer behaviours.’

The brand went on to confirm that as part of his speech at the event, Julian Tornare, CEO at Zenith, will highlight the importance of innovating client experiences through immersive technology such as augmented reality.


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