Zenith sticks to social distancing as it restarts production


Switzerland has been remarkably successful at limiting the number of cases of Covid-19.

Despite the country normally welcoming tens of thousands of workers that commute daily from Italy and France — two of the hardest hit countries in Europe — Switzerland now has under 100 new cases per day and fewer than 10 deaths per day.

The country’s borders closed on March 13 but have been gradually reopening in the past two weeks.


Zenith is the latest company to partially reopen its production and after-sales service departments, but adopt all proscribed social distancing measures.

“While the administrative teams will continue working from home to avoid unnecessary exposure and potential contamination, the manufacture personnel will take shifts in smaller teams to ensure that safety measures continue to be respected,” Zenith says.

The company’s chief executive Julien Tornare will continue to work from home, but visited the manufacture on Monday wearing a face mask.

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