Zenith makes limited edition solely for Silicon Valley collectors’ club


Zenith has made a limited edition Chronomaster El Primero in collaboration with Silicon Valley based collectors’ club Collective and Bay Area watch shop Topper Jewelers.

The watch is available exclusively to members of the Collective group, which brings watch lovers together from across California.

Collective’s founders, Gabe Reilly and Asher Rapkin say they have always loved the El Primero, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

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The limited edition adopts some core design ideas from Silicon Valley, particularly keeping the design clean and understated; a watch that Steve Jobs might have liked in a more analogue era.

The dial is finished in matte white, with subtle gray accents and the El Primero classic red chronograph hand has been replaced with a unique rhodium plated hand created just for this piece.

Its 38mm case has a clear back exposing the El Primero movement.

Each of the 50 pieces is engraved with its unique number along with C.01 referring to the Collective’s first watch. It goes on sale in November for $6,850.

It is worn on a cordura strap to give it a more industrial feel.



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