Zenith launches global campaign to promote its “Time to Reach Your Stars” philosophy


Calling it a philosophy rather than a marketing slogan is a bit of a stretch, but Zenith CEO Julien Tornare has fleshed out his vision for the watchmaker under the banner Time to Reach Your Star; the star having had a constant presence on Zenith dials for decades and an element of its logo.

“Zenith has always accompanied those who had big dreams and the determination to chase and fulfil them,” says Mr Tornare in an address to media.

“Time to Reach Your Star has been Zenith’s creed ever since its foundation by Georges Favre-Jacot in 1865. To bring this philosophy to a global audience, Zenith is embarking on a new visual advertising campaign that depicts men and women looking forward towards their objectives. No matter what the dream is, Zenith stands with those who reach towards it,” he adds.

Zenith says a global campaign will highlight “local inspirational and visionary people who have strived to reach their star and fulfil their dreams, no matter the adversity that stood in their way”.



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