Zenith claims to have produced the world’s most accurate mechanical watch


Zenith built on its Baselworld claim to be the technological leader of the LVMH stable this week with the launch of Defy Lab chronographs along with the claim that they the world’s most accurate mechanical watches.

The watch houses a reworked movement, the ZO 342, including an all-in-one oscillator that replaces around 30 mechanically linked components in a normal regulating organ.

The absence of conventional mechanical couplings eliminates contact, friction, wear, slack, lubrication, assemblies and dispersions, Zenith says.


This makes it more accurate, more reliable, and it requires less maintenance.

“Zenith is now renewing ties with innovation and fundamental research by presenting Defy Lab and its new oscillator – an invention that challenges nothing less than the operating principle of mechanical watches invented by Christian Huygens in the 17th century,” the company claims.

The exterior of the watch is also innovative, using Aeronith, a material developed by LVMH stablemate Hublot. The aluminium-based alloy resembles an Aero chocolate bar’s bubbly filling, and is designed to be super strong and ultra-light.

The material is forged into a 44mm circular case that houses a skeletonised dial exposing some of the inner workings of the movement.

ZENITH Defy Lab B 9 Green ZENITH Defy Lab B 8 Brown Rose Gold ZENITH Defy Lab B 6 Blue Rose Gold



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