Xplora takes best-selling children’s smartwatch solution to European market

Xplora is to bring its best-selling children’s smartwatch solution to the European market. Prior to trade show for consumer electronics and home appliances, IFA 2018, the Norwegian company Xplora is releasing two new products. The first of those is the Xplora 3S, a smartwatch which is focused on children and has been designed to ensure child safety without limiting independent play and exploration. The aim of the watch is to keep parents and children in communication as and when they need to. Xplora says the 3S prevents children from becoming distracted by unsupervised access to social networks and games, while giving parents piece of mind through sophisticated location and connectivity features. The Xplora 3S can be submerged in up to 1.5 metres of water for 30 minutes and has been equipped with a camera and photo storage. Other features include a child-friendly interface with phone calls and messaging functionality, geolocation technology including GPS and Wi-Fi which features real-time location details powered by Google Maps and predetermined safety zones set by parents. The second device heading to European markets this year from Xplora is the Module X, a multi-purpose device that can be relied upon by people of all ages in five different everyday use cases: elderly, pets, bikes, children, and assets. Connected to the Xplora mobile app, the Xplora Module X comes preloaded with different interfaces for each function. Xplora is the first children’s wearable watch phone, with similar functionality, to integrate with Amazon Echo, allowing parents to ask Alexa to provide the latest location of their child. Later this year, children will be able to interact directly with Alexa from their Xplora device to ask questions and access child-friendly content. Xplora’s CEO Jesus Llamazares and co-founder Sten Kirkbak are present throughout the entirety of IFA, with the new products being demonstrated at Stand 206 in Hall 12.


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