Wryst up-sizes latest Force collection of sporty chronographs


Wryst has introduced a range of chronographs called Force with a slightly larger 50mm size against the 45mm width for most previous collections.

“The motorsport and extreme sports inspired style of the limited edition watches has just gone bolder, stronger and more masculine,” the company says.

The Swiss watches are named Force after the forces of nature. “The nature around us is in constant movement, constant changes, and constant evolution. Winds in the sky, waves on the sea, erupting volcanoes, snow avalanches, earthquakes and most importantly the force of gravity. Gravity is a pretty awesome fundamental force. The force of gravity is an attraction that pulls two objects towards each other. This is making all kind of extreme sports totally fun for us humans as it attracts everyone, everything and anything towards the earth. Have you ever tried skydiving? What makes you go down a ski slope? What makes a ball bounce? Most of every sport we will ever practice is revolving around the forces of nature and gravity,” the brand says.


The watches are on sale now for £675-735.

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