Wryst designer creates science fiction-inspired concept watch

The Lever Machine

Jacque Fournier, the designer and CEO of fledgling watch brand Wryst, has unveiled a concept watch that he has named The Lever Machine.

The watch is not yet in commercial production, but Horology Design Limited, a design consultancy also owned by Mr Fournier, says it will produce the watch for any customer that expresses a firm interest. “Are you interested to have this steampunk timepiece produced? Can you afford it? If both answers are yes then contact us,” the company says.

The Lever Machine was first designed in 2012, but was kept under wraps until now.

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Described as a steampunk watch inspired by science fiction, it features one dial for minutes at the top, a dial for hours at the bottom left and a separated circular eye on the left for seconds.

The arm located on the right side of the watch will wind the gear system and distribute independently the time to each one of the three dials. Next to the see-through mechanism is the power reserve indicator.

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