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WOTY2013: Rotary Revelation


Earlier this year WatchPro unveiled its Watches of the Year 2013, made up of 10 winning timepieces and 90 highly commended watches that we felt boasted commercial appeal, innovation and had wowed consumers and retailers alike over the past 12 months.

Highly commended for the WatchPro Trendsetting Watch of the Year 2013 was the Rotary Revelation.

2013 has been a year of revelations for Rotary, the latest surprise being its deal to become global official timekeeper of Chelsea FC in what is the Premiership football team’s first partnership with a watch brand.


These are exciting times for the Dreyfuss Group-owned Swiss watchmaker, which had already made heads spin in 2013 with the launch of the in-house designed Revelation, a watch that has two faces and can be set with dual time zones.

The watch features a new rotating case mechanism, which is hinged to securely lock into place, and carries two independent Swiss-made quartz movements, allowing the wearer to set dual time zones.

An additional detail, each watch dial has a contrasting look – one is intended to convey day and the other, night. It’s a creative concept that stood out in 2013.


To read a digital version of the WatchPro Watches of the Year 2013 edition click here.


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