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WOTY2013: Hermès Acreau le Temps Suspendu


Earlier this year WatchPro unveiled its Watches of the Year 2013, made up of 10 winning timepieces and 90 highly commended watches that we felt boasted commercial appeal, innovation and had wowed consumers and retailers alike over the past 12 months.

Highly commended for the WatchPro Luxury Watch of the Year 2013 was the Hermès Acreau le Temps Suspendu.

Since 2011, as its name suggests, the Hermès Arceau Le Temps Suspendu has been suspending time and now, a 2013 update brings with it a complication that adds an extra dose of intrigue, just for the heck of it.


The time suspension complication continues to identify this model and means that at a push of a button on the case, the hour and minute hands snap to a halt at 12 o’clock.

Inside, the watch the movement continues to track the time but this can’t be seen on the dial. Another press of the button and the time starts running again. Not necessarily the most useful of complications but certainly fun and impressive.

And the fun continues in 2013 with the latest Basel-launched model. Instead of a retrograde date at the bottom right of the dial, the updated 38mm version features a small seconds sub dial with a quirky 24 graduations.

The watch has a double patent-protected complication exclusively developed for Hermès, a module that is an addition to the calibre H1912.

Convivial complications have made this timepiece one to enjoy in 2013 and beyond.


To read a digital version of the WatchPro Watches of the Year 2013 edition click here.



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