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Earlier this year WatchPro unveiled its Watches of the Year 2013, made up of 10 winning timepieces and 90 highly commended watches that we felt boasted commercial appeal, innovation and had wowed consumers and retailers alike over the past 12 months.

Highly commended for the WatchPro Luxury Watch of the Year 2013 was the Bremont Codebreaker.

Bremont has a panache for capturing key British historical moments in a wristwatch and this year’s Codebreaker is no exception.

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The launch was accompanied with plenty of hype and the watch didn’t disappoint. Created in conjunction with the Bletchley Park Trust, which represents Churchill’s Secret Intelligence and Computers Headquarters, the timepiece is an elegant and stylish tribute to World War II.

Inspired by a classic 40s officer’s watch, the Codebreaker has been crafted with a flyback Chronograph GMT automatic movement and quirkily incorporates historical artefacts, including pine from Hut 6, the centre of the operations for decrypting the German Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe Enigma ciphers, paper from the remaining punch cards, and part of the watch rotor is crafted from the wheel of an original Enigma machine.

It’s not hard to decipher why this is one of our favourite watches of 2013.

To read a digital version of the WatchPro Watches of the Year 2013 edition click here.



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