WOTY: Montblanc Exo Tourbillon Chronograph


 The Exo Tourbillon Chronographe is the first watch in Montblanc’s Villeret 1858 collection to unite the chronograph and the tourbillion and it executes this with a brute force that almost takes your breath away.

The watch combines a large minute hand, elapsed-seconds hand at the centre of the dial, a small circle for the hours, a second time zone, small hand for continually running seconds and a chronograph with 360-minute counter.

The first Montblanc Collection Villeret 1858 Toubillon was launched in 2010. For 2013 [article first published in WatchPro Nov 2013] the brand has created it in 18ct gold with a 3D dial and its balance separated from the tourbillion cage to isolate it from the disturbing movements of the escapement.


The separation allowed Montblanc to create the world’s first tourbillion with a rotating cage that is smaller than the balance, oscillating outside of the cage and on a higher plane, which denotes the Greek-inspired name, Exo, meaning outside.


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