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WOTY: MB&F Legacy Machine No.2


Despite its almost futuristic appearance, the lineage of the MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 (LM2) traces back more than 250 years to famous watchmakers Abraham-Louis Breguet,

Ferdinand Berthoud and Antide Janiver, who all constructed clocks or watches with two balances. It was the dual regulator that inspired the double, high oscillating balance wheels that feature in the LM2.

To sum up something highly complicated, the LM2 features one movement – two fully independent escapements and two Legacy-style flying balance wheels floating above the dial. It also has a planetary differential, which transmits the average rates of those balance wheels to a single gear train.


For the LM2, MB&F has teamed up once again with watchmakers Jean-François Mojon and his team at Chronode, and Kari Voutilainen and the result is phenomenal.

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