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WOTY 2014: Raymond Weil Noemia


Named after Weil’s granddaughter, the Noemia is an elegant, feminine collection with a singular purpose in mind. The Noemia, launched in 2009, requires none of the versatility of some of the watches in this category, instead being intended solely for dressy, formal occasions.

It’s a clever, commercially-minded design as well, looking smart in entry level stainless steel but also suiting a smattering of diamonds on the dial and case. Integrated lugs flow into the case design, elongating it and allowing the case to merge subtly with the watch’s brushed and polished metal bracelet.

The quartz line-up, which already included 32mm and 27mm models, was this year joined by a 24mm sizing, which is available in many variations including full diamond set, diamond dot, bi-colour and stainless steel. The full diamond bezel, bi-colour ladies 24mm version is currently one of the brand’s best-selling watches.



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