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WOTY 2014: Nomos Metro


Highly Commended. Innovative Watches of the Year 2014.

Nomos thrives on independence, it allows the company to continue releasing non-conformist watches that have been designed in Berlin and manufactured in Glashutte.

The brand, which has been designing and producing in-house movements for the past nine years, has taken another major step towards complete independence with the development of its Swing System regulating mechanism.


The catchy title is slightly misleading; Nomos haven’t re-invented the balance wheel, but rather entered into the involved and costly process of reverse engineering the Swiss Lever Escapement.
It’s one thing to know the principles involved in the mechanism, but without a detailed understanding of the physics at play you would never be able to manufacture an escapement.

Nomos set an in-house R&D team to work measuring and recording forces, frequencies and dimensions to gain an understanding of their interplay. The wildly popular Metro is the first Nomos watch to feature the Swing System escapement.

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