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WOTY 2014: Michael Kors Channing MK5894


Winner. Women’s Watches of the Year 2014.

We haven’t forgotten this watch since researching a trends feature on green dials back in May and are finally prepared to admit it had no rightful place in the piece, given the fact that turquoise isn’t really a shade of green.

That was just a measure of how much we liked the watch itself. We like the powerful effect of the yellow gold ion-plated 38mm case and bracelet coupled with the vibrant turquoise for the same reason we liked the Nixon Time Teller in this year’s Trendsetting category. We also like the fact that the Michael Kors packs a slither of semi-precious turquoise as its dial material.


The collection also includes dials of Tiger’s Eye, Onyx, Coral and Lapis Lazuli. Not only does this give the watch a sense of the precious, but it also means that absolutely every single example of this watch ever produced will be entirely unique because of its natural dial material.

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