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WOTY 2014: MB & F LM101


Highly Commended. Innovative Watches of the Year 2014.

Maximilian Busser and his horological compadres have distilled the essence of timekeeping with their latest Legacy Machine.

Aptly named the 101, this 40mm extrovert turns the concept of MB&F on its head. Where Busser would once work in conjunction with the best watchmakers and suppliers to develop its concepts, the movement of this latest model has been designed entirely in-house.


The LM101 follows in the same vein as the two previous Legacy Machine models in placing the escapement front and centre; not tucked away inside the movement but right there on the dial, held in place by a suspended bridge.

Hours and minutes are displayed on an off-centre dial at the 2 o’clock position while indication of the 48-hour power reserve features at 6 o’clock. While the movement is pure MBF, Busser has called upon a couple of friends for their expertise. Kari Voutilainen is responsible for the LM101’s movement decoration and Legacy Machine designer Eric Giroud developed the watch’s new, pared-down look.

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