WOTY 2014: Joseph Bulova Collection First Edition


Joint Winner. Innovative Watches of the Year 2014.

We’re certain that someone in the past few hundred years of horology has produced at least one 24ct gold watch case: it stands to reason that the egos of the fabulously wealthy must have, at some point, demanded it.

But no-one has serially produced a watch using 24ct gold, as the material is just too soft and malleable. With the Joseph Bulova Collection First Edition, Bulova has been innovative in the purest sense of the word.

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Company scientists have developed a patented technique that, as far as WatchPro could ascertain from Bulova president Greg Thumm, involves hardening the pure gold under extreme pressure.

The finished product was deemed so special that it justified the creation of the new Joseph Bulova premium collection. While just 30 pieces are being created to begin with, because of the £35,000 price tag, this Bulova remains the first serially produced 24ct gold watch in existence.

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