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WOTY 2014: Elliot Brown Bloxworth


Elliot Brown Bloxworth

While we apply a level of discretion to all WatchPro nomination-led events, it should probably be pointed out that the watches of Poole-based Elliot Brown received twice as many nominations as the next most popular brand.

Those votes also came from a cross section of retailers, distributors, owners and even other brands which gives an indication of the level of enthusiasm for the company and its products.

The Bloxworth is the watch that survived unscathed at the bottom of Poole Harbour for six months and emerged still ticking. It’s the brand’s sporty chrono diver, offered in a wide array of finishes, colours and strap options with the tantalising prospect of full-scale customisation on the horizon.

Co-founders Ian Elliot and Alex Brown understand branding and have produced a coherent, enticing concept backed up by with a robust, well-finished product.



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