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WOTY 2014: Armani Exhange Lady Hampton


Highly Commended. Fashion Watches of the Year 2014.

We couldn’t think of a single watch that’s mimicked the quilt-studded pattern of Chesterfield upholstery on its dial before, let alone one that used crystals in place of its button studs.

This Armani Exchange, produced by Fossil Group, makes a signature feature of its unique dial and surrounds it with a bezel inlaid with twin rows of crystals in white, brown and pink.


It’s not hard to identify which company is responsible for a watch that uses the brand’s monogram logo at the 12 o’clock position and the brand name at the 9 o’clock as well as in repetition along the chapter ring. It’s a design that’s not backward in coming forward but that’s surely the very definition of fashion.


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