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WOTY 2013: Speake-Marin Triad


At first sight, the Triad from Speake-Marin appears to have three birds delicately perched over the dial.

In fact they are, of course, triple hour-minute indications positioned over the open dial, which is set in a steel case with rose gold bezel and fitted with an Eros 2 automatic winding movement.

The Triad is the first watch from the watchmaker’s Mechanical Art collection and features the heat-blued Foundation-style hands over gilded topping-tool-shaped wheels in a triangular format around a smaller central topping-tool-shaped seconds wheel.


Around the bottom right of the dial ring the phrase 3 NOTES 1 MEANING has been inscribed, which Speake-Marin says is in reference to the three-note chord in music that is known as a triad.

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