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WOTY 2012: Luxury Watches – G-Shock MR G


WatchPro recently announced its Watches of the Year 2012 – the 10 winning timepieces and 90 highly commended watches that we felt boasted commercial appeal, innovation and had wowed consumers and retailers alike over the past 12 months.

Now we will showcase a watch a day that has made the cut in 2012. We began last week with the Luxury Watch of the Year – the Bremont Victory – and continue with the Highly Commended timepieces in the Luxury category.

Highly Commended Luxury Watch of the Year – G-Shock Premium MR G


This might not be a brand new design but it is a new watch for the UK, and marks an exciting time in G-Shock’s development as it brings its most high-end timepiece to a new audience.

The MR G is part of G-Shock’s premium collection and uses optimum materials to offer both a tough hardwearing timepiece — as per its heritage — and with a luxe aesthetic, designed for those G-Shock fans who have grown up but want a watch that has retained some of its edge.

The watch has a titanium strap and case, a gold circuit mount, double-hardening treatment on its bracelet and has hand engraved details. And, not forgetting its touch of tech, it runs on solar power technology.



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