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WOTY 2012: Fortis B47 Mysterious Planets


Earlier this year WatchPro unveiled its Watches of the Year 2012 – the 10 winning timepieces and 90 highly commended watches that we felt boasted commercial appeal, innovation and had wowed consumers and retailers alike over the past 12 months.

Highly commended in the Limited Edition Watch of the Year category was the Fortis B47 Mysterious Planets timepiece.

For a brand that has long admired space travel and all things stellar, Fortis’ B47 Mysterious Planets timepiece was scheduled to arrive in 2012 – a year said to play an “interesting role in conspiracy theories of impending doom”.


On a brighter note, WatchPro adores the unusual dial of this limited edition timepiece, of which just 500 have been made. It has a playful jumping hours movement and features either a blue or black dial.

Inside is Fortis’ calibre F-2024, purposefully made for this timepiece. On the front of the watch are five round windows through which the hour numerals appear each hour, coincidentally symbolising the orbits of the planets Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and Jupiter around the sun.



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