Withings confirms compatibility with Android


Withings has revealed at Baselworld that its portfolio of analogue watches with built-in activity trackers is now fully compatible with Android, the world’s largest mobile platform.

Withings, which claims to be the leader in the ‘connected health’ revolution, confirmed that both its ‘Activitie’ and ‘Activitie Pop’ models are operate with Android.

It says the devices lie at the crossroads between timekeeping and activity tracking, and bring a “new face” to the smartwatch scene.

Cedric Hutchings, CEO of Withings, said there have been “high expectations” for the watches ever since their initial launch at the Consumer Electronic Shows earlier this year and added that the company had made Android compatibility a priority.

“Following on from the overwhelming reception that both the Activitie and Activitie Pop have received on their elegance and design, we have listened to our dynamic Android community and it seemed natural for us to quickly provide Android compatibility for each product.”

The devices are also compatible with Google Fit, the new health hub from Google, enable users to automatically upload their ‘Health Mate’ data into the Google fit application.

The watches are powered by a single standard watch battery that last up to eight months, so there is no need for them to be recharged.



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