With which watch brands might Harry and Meghan work best?


It will be the hardest of Meghxits, according to seasoned royal watchers following statements from the Queen and last night’s speech from the Duke of Sussex, leaving Harry and Meghan free to pursue commercial deals without risking any reputational damage to The Firm.

The couple have already been linked to Disney voice over work and Netflix productions that might help their charitable causes, but marketing experts will know that the almost unrivaled global fame they enjoy makes them valuable beyond measure as ambassadors for luxury goods like watches and jewellery.

Putting the need to earn millions of pounds per year to one side, WatchPro wonders which watch brands might align with the wider aims of Harry and Meghan?


On our brief commute to work, these three brands sprung to mind, but feel free to add your own ideas!

1. Bremont

Despite moving his family to Canada, Harry says he will always love his home country, so a British watch brand would be a shoe-in. Look no further, then, than the only sizeable UK-based company that assembles all its watches in this country, manufactures its own cases and is well on the way to launching an entirely British movement.

Bremont also has a direct relationship with Harry, having supported the British team at the last Invictus Games, the Olympics-style event for injured service men and women.


Nick and Giles English meet Prince Harry,
Nick and Giles English meet Prince Harry, Patron of the Invictus Games Foundation.

What to Wear?

Although Buckingham Palace has insisted that Harry step back from official military appointments, it is hard to see past Bremont’s Armed Forces Collection which comprises three MoD-inspired chronometer-rated timepieces produced at the company’s headquarters in Henley-on-Thames, UK and carry HMAF on each dial.




2. Cartier

It is easier to see what is in it for Cartier if they persuaded Harry and Meghan to sign as brand ambassadors than it is to find a direct link to their passion projects, but the former royals have significant overheads now they are off the civil list and will need to work with partners with deep pockets.

Cartier and Prince Harry share a love of polo, a sport that attracts the beautiful and the billionaires who could support their philanthropic work.

Cartier also has a strong association to Meghan’s work on female empowerment, which aims to drive change through women entrepreneurs. 2019 Cartier Women’s Initiative Laureates came from across the world including business leaders from the United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Cameroon and America.


2019 Laureates from the Cartier Women’s Initiative.


What to Wear?

Since Prince Harry is a qualified helicopter commander for the British Army, it is tempting to go for the Santos de Cartier, with its association to the earliest and riskiest days of aviation (Louis Cartier created a watch for his good friend, Alberto Santos-Dumont, a daredevil aviator in the early 20th century).

However, to make the most of acommercial partnership, WatchPro would go for his and her’s Tank Louis Cartier, the iconic watch bearing the founder’s name.



3. Tudor

Having given up the HRH titles, we feel Rolex’s iconic crown symbol would be somewhat inappropriate for the Sussexes.

Tudor would be more in tune with their new commoners’ touch, and this is a brand unafraid to work with the biggest stars on the planet in the form of David Beckham and Lady Gaga.

Tudor also has a strong association with rugby. It was official timekeeper at last year’s Rugby World Cup in Japan, and a sponsor of New Zealand’s All Blacks. Prince Harry is a massive fan of the sport and remains patron of the Rugby Football League and the link to New Zealand, a Commonwealth country would not hurt.

What to Wear?

Tudor made a special Black Bay Chrono for all the officials at last year’s Rugby World Cup. The watch was not available commercially, but we reckon Prince Harry could get his hands on one and turn it into a core collection smash hit.





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