WINNER: WatchPro’s Watches to Watch, Fiyta Watches Men’s 3D Time Skeleton


Fiyta Watches are already making a mark in the UK, despite only approaching this market for the first time in 2016, and they should be a watch to watch in 2017 because the brand is already massive in its home country of China.

This is helping Fiyta offer an extensive range to retailers.

One of its first outlets, Watch Shop, has almost 100 models on sale this Christmas ranging from delicate ladies models costing under £150 up to limited edition men’s automatic chronographs in a black ion-plated titanium case selling for £775.

It is the sort of brand that lends itself to online retailers that don’t want to dedicate too much valuable physical cabinet space to an unknown brand.

A best selling model is the Fiyta Men’s 3D Time Skeleton Automatic (£429), which has an interesting domed glass that highlights an aperture in the centre of the dial where the movement is exposed.



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