WINNER: Quartz Watch of the Year 2015, Henry London



To call Peers Hardy’s vintage-inspired quartz watch brand eagerly anticipated would be underselling it somewhat. The clamour for the 1960s style timepieces and chronographs over the summer months has been palpable as the collection, first shown at Baselworld, edged closer and closer to launch.

Not only does the brand have its own inbuilt mystery (the vintage watch that inspired the brand was discovered at a street market bearing the enigmatic inscription ‘Henry, August 1965’) but new life has been breathed into the vintage design through the clever and unexpected use of rich colours on the dials.


The Peers Hardy creation is also one of the most commercially-savvy exercises we’ve witnessed in some time.

With consumer demand for vintage-themed product at an all-time high, Peers Hardy have brought their creation in at impulse purchase prices, despite some seriously impressive build quality, with pieces starting at just £85.

The Birmingham-based company has also ensured that the range offers something for everyone, with just under 100 different SKUs. In-store, the range is backed up by clever, eye-catching merchandising and point of sales material including vintage suitcase displays that assured the likes of Fraser Hart that this quartz charmer could quite happily sit next to its luxury brands.

There is nothing worse than seeing a good brand wilt in the window because of poor displays, Henry London runs no risk there. We can’t wait to see what business Henry London does in the run up to Christmas and we get the impression that Peers Hardy and the network of domestic and international retailers who have taken the brand on feel the same.

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