What does your watch choice say about you?


By Erica Abbiss-Biro

Have you ever stopped to think how much a watch can say about you? Along with telling the time, it whispers about you and reveals more than you would imagine.

From a single cursory glance at your watch, a total stranger can begin to make assumptions about your lifestyle, personality, occupation and salary. Be aware that your watch doesn’t do a great poker face; its dial is completely exposed for all to see and form an opinion about.

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So which of your characteristics can be reflected in your watch? Well, let’s start with a substantial gent’s chronograph. Would you agree that it says you appreciate the finer things in life, might have a sporty leaning and love a gadget? How about a brightly coloured ladies watch? Could it say you are fashion conscious, perhaps a little flamboyant and have an outgoing nature? Does an expensive timepiece make you seem vulgar or simply successful, and similarly what does a cheap watch say about you?

Of course we may each own several watches, swapping them for different occasions. A weekend watch might be oversized and eye-catching in comparison with the work watch we wear, which may be more functional and discreet. The image that your watch can portray is as versatile as you are, but is as important a choice as the shoes on your feet. And you wouldn’t wear wellies to a wedding, would you?

Selecting a watch for yourself is a tricky enough decision, but receiving one as a gift can create unexpected tension. The choice says so much about how the giver sees you, so what seems on the surface to be a generous gift can suddenly become an unintended insult. Of course, it may also be unexpectedly flattering.

The two watches that I own were bought for me by my husband. They are both very different, but still both very much me and my friends openly admire his taste (often in a loud and obvious fashion, in front of their partners). My dress watch is slender (good), sophisticated (great) and simple (ahem). His more recent choice for a certain significant birthday was chunky (well, that’s an age thing), glamorous (that too) and a bit showy (guilty as charged). All in all I didn’t come off too badly. How about you?


This article was taken from the August 2012 issue of WatchPro magazine, out now. If you work in the watch industry and would like to write a guest column for WatchPro then email the editor at



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