Wenger secures over 30 doors and online placement with H.Samuel


Wenger has secured space at more than 30 H.Samuel stores along with online placement with the retailer.

The deal, which was announced by head of Burton McCall watch division Colin Lee last night, is initially for around 10% of all H.Samuel’s UK stores, but may be extended if it proves successful.

It follows a factory visit by H.Samuels watch buyer Malcolm Ediker to Delémont in Switzerland, the same facility that manufactures for Wenger’s sister brand Victorinox.


Colin Lee, head of sales at Burton McCall.
Colin Lee, head of sales at Burton McCall.

“We have a great relationship and plan to make Wenger a commercial success for H.Samuel. We have designed fantastic displays with Redd Retail Group, and a marketing plan that Burton McCall and H.Samuel have developed together,” Mr Lee says. “Throughout the early months we will be working proactively to get the product mix exactly right in each store, swapping out stock where needed and making sure it sells-through,” he adds.

Wenger was founded the Jura region of Switzerland in 1893, originally as a knife factory including the Swiss Army knife, which only Wenger and its parent company Victorinox manufacture.

Today Wenger focuses on producing watches and travel gear. Its watches include men’s and ladies’ models in sporty and classic metropolitan styles. Retail prices range from £79-289.

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