Welcome to the 2022 WATCHPRO Hot 100

Daniel Malins, Rob Corder and Lucy Cheesewright.

Welcome to the WATCHPRO Hot 100, a book that celebrates the people who make the American watch business tick.

It has been a huge pleasure compiling this publication, which not only lists the movers and shakers of our industry, but tells the stories of how they rose to the top, the challenges and opportunities they see around them in the current market, and what they do to unwind away from work.

I would like to thank everybody who agreed to take part. We are well aware how political and publicity-shy individuals in the watch world can be.


We are also aware that brands want their watches to be the stars, not their employees.

We could not disagree more.

Yes, every brand we feature in this book makes fantastic watches, but without the people behind the brands, customers would never be filled with the irrational desire to buy wristwear that is a pure luxury and style statement rather something required to tell the time.

We celebrate the relationships between team mates, family members and business partners.

We highlight the importance of traditional writers and social media influencers to the watch industry, and draw attention to incredible retailers that have been delighting customers for generations.

The Hot 100 is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of every person who makes our industry so great.

Some executives declined our invitation to be profiled because of company guidelines.

I could name and shame them here, but prefer to think they can be persuaded to be part of a future edition.

But, I hope you will agree, we have highlighted the real stars of the American watch business and we hope you enjoy learning more about them, just as much as I have enjoyed speaking to them for this book.

Rob Corder, co-founder & editor, WATCHPRO

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