Weed and Rolex watches offered side-by-side at Aspen boutique


Dalwhinnie Farms in Aspen is known for elevating the sometimes seedy business of selling cannabis into a luxury experience.

The company’s branding executive, Ashley Grace, who is also a founding marketing executive with Colorado CBD company Charlotte’s Web, tells Denver newspaper Westword that the aim is to make buying weed as comfortable as possible for the well-heeled residents and visitors to the Colorado resort town.

Westword reporter Thomas Mitchell found a rich mix of boutique-style merchandise at the pot dispensary, including Rolex watches — presumably pre-owned — alongside leather goods and jewelry.


“We’re really trying to connect it in a way that makes it feel more approachable. We have some polo items for sale in the window, and people are walking in to ask us what’s going on in here,” Mr Grace tells the reporter.

“Every detail of the store is carefully designed to create an elite shopping experience that aligns with the retail standards of Aspen,” adds Terrance Mendez, Chief Executive Officer of Dalwhinnie Farms. “Our goal is to destigmatize and demystify cannabis, normalizing it as part of a healthy lifestyle, and create a destination where the cannabis aficionado can enjoy a unique and exclusive buying experience.”


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