Wearables ace Veldt sets up OEM and licensing business


Japanese wearables specialist Veldt has unveiled a highly innovative connected watch that will go on sale in December 2017 – and formed an OEM and licensing business so that it can sell the technology behind it to other brands.

The new watch, called ‘Veldt Luxture’, was unveiled at Baselworld this week. It is a small, thin luxury watch featuring indirect LED lighting underneath the bezel that displays information synched from a smartphone.

The watch boasts a ‘Life Rhythm Assistant’ feature which keeps track of the time and duration the user has been in sun-light, as well as the activity and sleep time of the user.


The LED lights notify only important messages and appointments as well as hour-to-hour weather information, all in sync with the user’s smartphone. Light exposure time, activity levels and sleep are all accurately logged by sensors, and then visually presented in a graph. “We wanted to design a stylish wristwatch, but at the same time help people create a positive spiral in this age of the internet,” said CEO Jin Nonogami.

Entry models for the iOS and Android compatible smartphones start at $500 (£397), with high-end models priced at $2,000 (£1,588).

The circuit modules and software used in the new products were developed for hybrid smartwatches of analog and digital design. Veldt will therefore offer the same components as an OEM or under licence to third parties.

“The small, thin size of the circuit module and easy maintenance makes these components ideal for application to smartwatches. The characteristics allow easy installation to smartwatches and the simple analog type movements are powered by easily accessible batteries,” explained Mr Nonogami.

Veldt has also teamed up with the National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry to develop an accurate “sleep analysing” algorithm called ‘Venass’.

Orders will be taken from March 2017, while deliveries should begin from January 2018.

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