WatchPro works to support ecommerce for watches

Rob Corder, managing editor, WatchPro and managing director of Promedia. (Photo by Ausra Osipaviciute/ITP Images)

WatchPro.com welcomed almost 220,000 unique visitors in the past 30 days across our three sites for the UK, United States and Germany.

That is a lot of eyeballs from people who mainly arrive via social media or google having searched for their favorite watch brands.

We monetize those eyeballs by selling advertising, and that pays our wages.


Right now, we are thinking about what small initiatives we can come up with to help the watch industry as a whole, and a quick idea struck me that costs us nothing and might help retailers and brands just a little.

So, while previously we would not include live web links to external sites (because we want to keep people on our site for as long as possible), from today, we will include those external links on all stories about new watches.

In some cases, we have news about watches well before they go into retail. In that instance we might link to a brand’s site.

When we write about retailers, we will include links to their sites as well. In particular, we will do stories about online offers from retailers across the world, and provide those live links.

When I have a better idea of how we can help, I will do that as well. But for now, consider this the first token of our affection and support for this great industry.

Stay safe and well,

Rob Corder, managing editor, WatchPro


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