WATCHPRO USA Awards to launch in 2023 in New York


WATCHPRO Awards is coming to New York City in March 2023.

The event will take place on March 8 at a prestigious Manhattan venue.

WATCHPRO Awards launched in London in 2016, and welcomes over 300 of the UK watch business’s most important executives to a spectacular black tie awards ceremony every year.


See news and pictures from the UK version of the WATCHPRO Awards here

WATCHPRO Awards in the United States will recognize the outstanding contribution of the individuals, teams and companies that have made 2022 a record year.

There will be around 15 Awards handed out on the night, half to retailers and the other half to brands.

WATCHPRO has a unique process for selecting the finalists and winners.

First, we use the judgement of our editors and expert freelance writers to come up with nominations in the retailer and watch brand categories. These are added to by nominations from the industry itself, which is an opportunity for executives to pitch their own businesses or suppliers and customers that have impressed them.

These nominations are turned into a short list, which is fed into a detailed survey that goes out to trade subscribers to WATCHPRO.

People working in the retail sector are sent a survey that asks about their experiences with brands.

At the same time, executives working for brands are asked to complete a survey about their experiences working with retailers.

In addition, we have special awards voted on by the public.

“WATCHPRO USA Awards are about the individuals and teams who have made the American watch industry the biggest and most successful in the world,” says Rob Corder, co-founder of WATCHPRO.

“The Awards dinner is a spectacular occasion that brings the industry together for a night of celebration, but it is also an opportunity to generate a fascinating study about which brands and retailers are delivering outstanding performance in the eyes of the business partners who work with them all year round,” he adds.

WATCHPRO has chosen early March for the very first WATCHPRO Awards in the United States because it is a great time to look back on the achievements of 2022 and look ahead to the rest of 2023.

Nominations are already being worked on by the WATCHPRO team and our network of freelancers. The industry will be invited to make their own nominations from the beginning of January and survey forms will go out the same month so finalists can be revealed in early February.

To learn more about the WATCHPRO USA Awards, please contact rob.corder@itp.com or daniel.malins@itppromedia.com.


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