WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: Robin Swithinbank discusses Covid 19’s impact on media, marketing & exhibitions

We may never know the full story behind Rolex, Patek Philippe, Tudor, Chopard and Chanel turning their back on Baselworld, but highly respected editor, writer and commentator Robin Swithinbank suspects that forcing Baselworld’s management to shoulder all of the responsibility would be unfair.

The luxury and watches specialist, who writes for the Financial Times, New York Times, GQ and others, also cautions the industry to talk about  Baselworld in the past tense, particularly as Geneva has only so far named around 35 brands that will come together in Geneva in early April next year.

In discussion with WatchPro editor Rob Corder, the conversation touches on how successful this year’s digital launches have been, how the current lock down is affecting newspapers, magazines, television and social media, and why watch brands should take advantage of the current surge in online traffic for trusted sources of news and information.

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