WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: Life after lock down from Connecticut, Lausanne, Hamburg and London


Watchonista is a digital watch title created by collectors and written for collectors, with its team divided between Switzerland and the United States, its largest market.

The online magazine is the public face of a business that helps a number of prestigious watch brands and retailers with their marketing and communications strategies — generating stories, managing social media and producing digital content at Watchonista’s studio.

Co-founder Alexander Friedman and North American editor Josh Shanks were both in New York, epicentre for the Covid-19 outbreak in the United States, as lock down restrictions began to bite.


Mr Shanks headed for the relative quiet of Connecticut while Mr Friedman managed to borrow a bolthole in The Hamptons to ride out house arrest.

Remarkably, as Mr Friedman’s US visa ran out of time, he managed to fly back to Switzerland — an anecdote he shares in today’s WatchPro Originals interview — and emerged to find his home town of Lausanne busy with people shopping and enjoying each others’ company in cafes and bars. “It was like landing on another planet,” he recalls; an ironic description of life and business returning to normality.

WatchPro Germany’s editor Antje Heepmann joins the Zoom meeting (without a working video camera) and shares her impressions of how retailers and customers are cautiously feeling their way back to normality from behind face masks and plexiglass screens.

And Rob Corder, co-founder and editor of WatchPro, reports from Britain, where shops are still closed until June 1, costing the country’s jewellers more than two months’ worth of sales.

Click on the video above for a view of life during and after lock down from four very different parts of the world, and don’t forget to subscribe to the WatchPro Youtube channel while you are there.



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