WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: How to profit from collecting Patek Philippe

John Reardon has lived his life around exceptional Patek Philippe watches, first as a specialist at Sotheby’s auction house, then ten years leading sales and marketing for Patek in the United States before returning to the auction world as international head of watches at Christie’s.

Last year he launched his own site for high end watch obsessives called where he trades in top end timepieces while providing education and advice on the joys of buying, selling and owning prestige watches, and how to pay for the hobby with shrewd trading decisions.

Watch to the end of the video and Mr Reardon even offers suggestions for which Patek Philippe references to buy now, based on him spotting the early signs of rising demand.

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Click the video above to hear how lock down has changed the way people search and shop for vintage watches, Mr Reardon’s views on how Patek Philippe and other world-leading brands have responded to this year’s crisis, and how the entire watch industry could be forever changed by this experience.

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