WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: BeauGeste Luxury president Thierry Chaunu on the joys of niche watch brands


BeauGeste Luxury is the exclusive North American agent for Baume & Mercier, Chronoswiss, Eberhard, Kebedanz, Meerson, Reservoir and U-Boat; brands that have to shout to get attention but reward their owners with outstanding watches and personalized service.

In an era of Switzerland’s giant watchmakers and conglomerates demanding ever more space and branding with their authorized dealers, it is as hard as ever for smaller independent brands to break in, but BeauGeste president Thierry Chaunu believes that true luxury requires a personal touch rather than a corporate squeeze play.

The appointment of an agent by Richemont’s Baume & Mercier raised eyebrows when it was announced earlier this year, not least because a number of the major retailers that stock the watches did so because they want to keep the parent company sweet and it provides an attractive entry point to other brands like Cartier and IWC.


Mr Chaunu explains why his white glove service with retailers he has known for years makes sense for the brand.

What the world needs now, he insists, is optimism and positivity that the damaging pandemic will pass and could usher in new ways of doing business, a rush of creative thinking and even another roaring twenties, just as we had after the crisis of World War I.


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