WATCHPRO ORIGINALS: aBlogtoWatch’s Ariel Adams on how the watch industry is adapting to lock down


Ariel Adams is founder and editor of aBlogtoWatch, one of the world’s largest online titles for the luxury watch industry.

Speaking from Los Angeles, he tells us how retailers and brands are being forced to change entrenched positions on how to delight customers, and most of them are failing, he argues.

The current health crisis has forced the entire watch industry to find ways to sell online, and many brands have moved rapidly to sell directly to consumers via their own sites, cutting out long standing retail partners that have supported them for decades.


Is this a change that will improve the future health of the industry, or will Switzerland’s venerable watch manufacturers crash and burn when it comes to becoming retailers?

Ariel Adams knows which way brands should go, but fears they are better at issuing advice than receiving it.

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