WatchPro introduces Corder’s Column as a video blog


Be in no doubt, this first attempt at a Corder’s Column video blog is not any good.

It is an idea that has been spoken about from the higher-ups at our parent company, ITP Media Group, which has transformed itself over the past five years from a traditional publisher making most of its money from print advertising, to a digital powerhouse producing world class video content.

World class ours is not, but rather than shy away from that inescapable fact, we thought it better to just do what most Youtubers did in their early days and put it out there.


If we do it every week, we should get better.

Episode one comes pretty much in week one of the Coronavirus upturn that has seen the government ask people who can work from home, to do so. We have complied, so the video is shot in my home office, which is also my son’s bedroom.

The message, we hope, is one of realism. We are in for a long period of severely disrupted business that will require the very best from everybody.

I am delighted to say that my team, which were all sent home on Tuesday, have been fantastic at keeping each other motivated and positive through sharing experiences and laughs over WhatsApp.

Yesterday, we created a shared Google Sheet listing 50 of our favorite songs from misery to ecstasy. The idea being that we are all going to have dark moments when we need to listen to Morrisey, but if we work together we might reach the dizzy euphoria of Katrina & the Waves. Our resident technical wizard turned it into a playlist on Youtube that we all listened to from our homes in sync.

Please share your thoughts on the video if you stumble upon it. If you have questions or topics you would like tackled in future editions, feel free to send them to me or leave them as comments under the video.


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