WatchPro expands its team after dramatic growth in 2020


Amid all the human suffering and economic hardship we have all endured this year, WatchPro is pleased to announce some good news: an additional member of its publishing team.

Alex Douglas will work as associate publisher across WatchPro’s magazines and digital output in the United States, UK  and Germany.

As a proud member of the Gen-Z generation, born in the 1990s and immersed from birth in social media, Youtube and all things digital, he brings a fresh and untainted eye to the venerable world of horology.


Mr Douglas will join a lean and modern team where the barriers between sales and editorial have been removed.

“Daniel Malins and I simply call ourselves co-founders of WatchPro,” says Rob Corder who launched the title in 2010. “All we do is obsess and execute ideas on how we can reach more people with great products and services like our news feed, videos and social media that inspire people to love and buy watches,” he adds.

“This is our tenth anniversary year, and WatchPro‘s irreverent content has never been more relevant,” Mr Corder continues. “In a year when Covid caused watchmakers to shutter their factories and delay major product launches, we have kept the industry and over 300,000 consumers every month engaged with hard news, gossip, opinion and insight that no other title delivers.”

Mr Douglas is a clean skin for WatchPro, and he is going to chart his education in the world of watches live on camera.

“We have this idea to film Alex as he learns the history, horology and dark arts of watches and watchmakers. He is an experienced journalist that has reported on many other topics and a fantastic communicator. We think it will be fascinating for brands and other watch enthusiasts to watch his education unfold in an entertaining way over many month and even years. We will all be learning along with him,” Mr Corder reveals.

Retailers and brands in the UK and USA are invited to help Mr Douglas along this journey of discovery, and in so doing they will describe what we all love about watches to a completely new audience of potential future customers.

To learn more or just to say hi to our new man, please e-mail alex.douglas@itppromedia.com.


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