WATCHPRO.com traffic soars to over half a million users per month


WATCHPRO.com welcomed 516,330 unique visitors in the past month, setting a new record thanks to a dramatic rise in interest in watches that was ignited during the first lock down in 2020.

The separate website, USA.WATCHPRO.com, received 156,247 unique users during the same period, taking the total to over 672,000 visitors.

The global site, WATCHPRO.com, notched up 1,556,961 page views in the month.


Hysteria surrounding the launch of the Swatch x Omega MoonSwatch generated more traffic than any other story in the 12-year history of WATCHPRO.

Top story Swatch says customers will be able to buy all the MoonSwatch watches they wish was read by 392,484 people.

Our first hand account of buying and owning the elusive bioceramic timepiece was second in the rankings. MOONSWATCH REVIEW: How I bought a MoonSwatch and was the battle to buy it worth the risk? was read by 230,223 people.

The month’s news agenda was not entirely dominated by a £207 Swatch.

A column by Robin Swithinbank probing whether Patek Philippe has kept pace with a rapidly changing luxury watch world was also among the most popular with 83,057 reading his piece, The Patek Philippe Paradox.

“WATCHPRO.com’s combination of fast-paced news reporting, in-depth analysis and hard hitting columns appears to be connecting with a global audience looking for an island unbiased editorial in an ocean of reverence and sycophancy from too much of the watch media,” suggests WATCHPRO co-founder and editor Rob Corder.

“Our views may not always be popular, and they are sometimes proved to be wrong over time, but they are sincerely held and expressed. In an era of social media, people want that sort of authentic voice from an authority like WATCHPRO,” Mr Corder adds.

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