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Subscriptions to the popular WatchPro Daily News Alert have almost doubled in the past 12 months, according to analysis of digital data.

A total of 13,550 watch professionals receive the Daily News Alert every weekday, making it comfortably the most widely distributed publication about watches in the UK.

Analysis of the Daily News Alert data also reveals the popularity of the publication.

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Subscriptions have soared thanks to the multiple sources of data capture that feed into the News Alert list including WatchPro’s mobile app, the online digital edition, registrations to the London Watch Show, and the simple online form on

“Nothing comes close to the reach of the Daily News Alert,” says WatchPro’s editor James Buttery. “It is justifiably viewed as the daily newspaper of the UK watch industry because of its frequency, authority and popularity,” he adds.

The Daily News Alert is a key promotional tool for several watch brands which can finely tune advertising campaigns down to individual days, weeks or months, and have access to detailed open rates and click through rates. “These advertisers can drill down to daily statistics so that they know exactly how many watch professionals are seeing their adverts and clicking through,” explains Daniel Malins, commercial manager for WatchPro.

The average open rate in June has been 30.37%, with a click through rate of 20.13%, Malins discloses.

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