WATCHPRO AWARDS WINNERS: Luxury Watch Brand of the Year

Watch Pro Magazine Awards,2016, Shakespeare's Globe


The only retailers that do not want to be agents for Rolex are those that know they have no chance of securing the brand. Rolex watches generate more business for those businesses that stock it than any other brand in the world.

It was little surprise, then, that the Swiss giant was given over 40% of the votes by retailers in the WatchPro Awards survey.


The interesting thing about Rolex is that they spend very little time speaking about themselves, and even less attending awards ceremonies. Most column inches about the brand are devoted to stories about classic collectors’ pieces selling for staggering prices at auction.

This is the secret weapon for Rolex and its retailers. It is virtually a guaranteed way of storing wealth, so you don’t really part with £35,000 for a diamond-encrusted Day-Date 40, you merely transfer the cash into a beautiful wrist ornament.

Pictured above: WatchPro publisher Daniel Malins ready to present the Award to Rolex.

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